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The next big thing in decoration

Whether it’s fashion and textile or home decoration, trends come and go. In the world of interior design, the next big thing will be related to the will of society to have a better lifestyle respectful of their mental health and environment. In this article, we will try to share in few words, what is thought as the next big thing in decoration.

Back to the raw and nature

Modern life with its frenetic rhythm is forcing people to seek for serenity at home, therefore trends are leaning towards an interior design that can offer soothing. More natural elements are being implemented inside houses and gradually replacing synthetic materials. These trends are inspired by nature and its greenery. That’s why you may have noticed the return of wood in interior finishes, and wood-effect materials are also on the rise for flooring. This natural style is becoming increasingly popular, as it provides relaxation with its true, neutral hues. Green colors will also be used as wall painting or to customize rooms for more freshness and calm. We have already share a post to teach you how to match the color of your wall with the color of you floor.

Sustainability and digitalization of creations

Due to government regulation and public demand, interior designers and architects are focusing on sustainable designs. At the same time, the trend towards digitalization is increasing. The use of technology by home designers started and will be popular in the coming years. Virtual reality rooms or AI will help creators to share their projects and consumers to have an insight of a design they can choose. Also, smart equipment such as stackable or multifunctional pieces are emerging due to the raise of big cities with small size houses. It will be necessary to be creative and to optimize the use of indoor space.

How are the trends of the coming years defined?

Did you know that there are trend offices? These are companies that are made up of art historians, linguists, sociologists, and creatives who predict future trends each year by observing consumer behavior. They are upstream of the manufacturers and producers. Companies in the decoration, fashion and design industries cannot do without these predictions. After observing the consumers, the style offices elaborate an annual trend book which contains what inspires these consumers as well as the direction of future trends. This book provides the text, keywords, fabrics, colors, and any resources that will inspire manufacturers. Brands are influenced by this trend book, which costs them thousands of dollars.

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