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Redecorate your living room

Redecorate your living room

The decoration of the dining room of your living room, takes a hit. You feel that this living space no longer corresponds to the spirit of the times. Or you simply have the desire to opt for another style. For this, we offer you ideas for redecorating and reorganizing your room.

Dining room and living room decor

Often combined into one, these two rooms can, in some cases, have a lack of space. Often, it is preferred to create a single common space, for more practicality and modernity.

give depth

To create the illusion of a large space, adopt white walls. Especially if you don’t have too much light, choose this color that will give the impression that the room is bright. Also try decorating your room with other lamps and light fixtures.

To do this, install furniture that will allow you to both decorate and store. If you want to distinguish your dining room from the living room to make it more intimate, it is possible to separate the two rooms with a window or a partition. Lay out mats in which you can play on the different perspectives. Thus, to mark a demarcation, you can distinguish each zone with a different carpet. You can run some of them along your sofa or dining table. This can give an effect of grandeur.

Furniture is key. To obtain a harmonious room, it is necessary to arrange your furniture well. To do this, place large pieces of furniture facing a wall. If for example you place the sofa against a wall, arrange the rest of your furniture according to it. Generally, the sofa is what takes up the most space and stands out the most. Therefore, it is wise to achieve harmony around him. Choose a coffee table that is not very imposing and on the contrary a larger dining room table behind it.

practical furniture

If you value space and want to optimize it, multifunctional furniture is recommended. Like for example a shelf that turns into a table, or a bookcase that has an extension to create a bench. Also consider opting for practical furniture. Indeed, you can, for example, set up a pull-out coffee table. In the same way, you can also install folding chairs, or stools that can be used to put objects. And if you like to receive, but do not want to have a too bulky table, prefer a modern extending table.

A low cabinet can be a good solution for having storage while conserving space. If the sofa is in the middle of the living room, place the sideboard or coffee table behind it. This will provide a pleasant style that will allow you to make a difference between the space of the living room and that of the dining room.

Painting and textures

If the color appeals to you, go for it. Avoid very ostentatious colors that quickly become boring or outdated. The background of your room can be painted in current colors such as green or blue. If you are looking for a designer style, opt for dark tones. If you want a more relaxed vibe, go for lighter shades. If your space is large, it is possible to paint one of the living room walls in one color and the dining room wall in another. This can be a very nice bet.

Also experiment with combining textures and materials. Thus, dark colors go well with metal or wood to give a raw or industrial look. Placing raw plaster or even bricks on one of the walls or part of it can bring a certain charm to the room.

In addition, wood remains the most coveted material par excellence and can be combined with everything. We recommend that you use it.

The accessories

Putting all types of lamps and light fixtures, even of different styles, is important for your room. This will give a warmer impression in the evening. If you prefer a natural and relaxed atmosphere, we suggest the “flea market” style. It is composed. If you like a tidy and clean look, go for the Swedish style. Decorate with objects in neutral and woody colors. For this, choose wooden lamps, chairs or tables.

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