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How to properly position your sofa in your living room?

How to properly position your sofa in your living room?

The most imposing element of the living room, the sofa must be perfectly positioned to structure the room. Against a wall, under a window or in an angle, you have to think not only about aesthetics, but also about your daily life and of course about practicality. So how do you properly position your sofa in your living room?

Position your sofa in your living room against a wall

The sofa is often placed against a wall in small living rooms. The advantage of this practice is to free up the space as much as possible and to facilitate circulation in the room. Complete the layout by installing a mirror or a painting above it, a coffee table, a rug and your living room is ready! If you have a little more space, then you can install your sofas face to face. This last arrangement promotes conviviality !

The sofa under a window

To take advantage of a skylight, install your sofa under a window. It is one of the nicest places. You can then install an armchair, a rug, a nice coffee table to complete the room. Beware, however, of the sun, which may discolor your fabrics or yellow your leather.

The benefits of corner seating in your living room

The corner sofa is very useful for saving space, but not only. If your room is cramped, it will allow you to have the maximum number of seats and sometimes even a fireside chair. Tip that may seem silly, but nevertheless important: above all, do not go wrong on the side with the angle if you buy a new sofa. The corner sofa can also be considered as a decorative object and be installed in the center of a room. We also like its comfort side and its areas where you can lie down comfortably to read or watch television.

Position your sofa in your living room in the middle of the room

If you choose to install your sofa in the center of the living room, you can then move freely in your room. In general, this type of configuration is rather possible in large spaces or in atypical architectures, in particular round rooms or those in which the walls are not straight. You can opt for this type of installation to create a separation between two spaces. But you may also want to enjoy a particular view or even your fireplace.Small trick: if you put a round rug under sofas with rounded shapes, you will create the illusion of a circle within the room. For this at least two sofas are needed, or even more. On the other hand, if you install one or more sofas, with elongated shapes and rectangular edges, with a square or rectangular rug, the result will be very different!

A sofa leaning against a piece of furniture or a screen

The watchword: optimization of space! This solution is both original and practical for the occupants of a small living room, for example, who want to install the sofa in the center of the room. Be careful to respect the height of the two elements: if it is not similar, you risk spoiling the effect. Also consider the colors to match.

Position your sofa in your living room under a staircase to save space

By installing your sofa under a staircase, you favor hunting for lost space. Instead of a vacant space, you will put it to good use. It will still be necessary to shift it a little from the stairs, otherwise it will create a stuck and oppressive effect.

Think aesthetic but also practical!

Your sofa should embellish your room, but not only, because sometimes you also have to respond to various issues. For example, if you have a sofa bed and you use it often, install it in a place where you can unfold it easily. Same for the pass. A sofa should be installed in a practical way. It is always necessary to be able to move easily in the room, to be able to clean easily, not to bump against the coffee table or the rest of the furniture. If you are buying a sofa, the size and width are to be determined according to your room. Don’t make the mistake of buying too big a piece of furniture for the reasons given above. Always ask yourself how to properly position your sofa in your living room.

What if modular sofas were the solution to all your problems?

Indeed, they are! Modular sofas consist of several modules. They are therefore easy to move, move and adapt to any room. You can interchange the elements to give pep to your decor or even remove or add as you wish depending on the space or your desires! I love the Lemvig model available in 2 colors pink or gray. Remove the ends to create a second sofa and install them face to face. Are you wondering if the sofa is well positioned in your living room? If you have taken into account all the parameters of the room: the space, your way of living and of course your tastes in terms of decoration and layout, this is most certainly the case!

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