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How to maintain your home?

You have just built your house…
The receipt is an important date since it has the effect of transferring legal custody of your home to you. As such, it is now up to you to carry out all routine maintenance work as well as all minor work necessary to remedy the effects of wear or use.
Good maintenance is indeed essential so that your house does not deteriorate over time and will allow you, if necessary, to fully benefit from the guarantees of your property damage insurance contract.
Your home is built to last for many years. However, it requires a minimum of maintenance, apart from the usual household cleanings.

It is preferable to call on a professional when the work requires a certain technicality or is dangerous (electricity, gas, work at height, insert, solar collectors, etc.)
It is advisable to draw up a technical file for your house including, in particular, the following documents: the construction contract and the plans for your house, the individual sanitation file, the administrative documents relating to the acquisition of the land and the house, the technical notices given on delivery of your house, the technical notices and guarantees, the insurance contracts (references of the policy on damage to works and multi-risk housing), the invoices for the work carried out on your initiative, the maintenance booklet provided by the Consortium, the acceptance report, the declaration of completion of the works, the building permit, the H1 declaration copy of the land register.
Also remember to group together the information that is most often requested and useful addresses and telephone numbers.

To facilitate the management of the maintenance of your home, it is advisable to set up a maintenance schedule in order to allow you to respect the deadlines, dates of revision, dates of checks of certain appliances, etc. to get organized. And don’t forget anything!



Every three months : Activate the balloon safety valve

Every two years : Have the balloon checked by a professional


Every six months: Check the condition of the cover. a detailed examination will be necessary after a strong gale
In spring and fall, clean gutters and channels


Every six months:In the kitchen, clean the grilles of the air extraction vents
Cleaning the filter for double flow ventilation

Every year : Clean the air vents of the bathroom, toilets and cellar
Clean the air intake grilles of windows and roller shutter boxes
Check controlled mechanical ventilation
If you have dual-flow ventilation, plan two annual maintenances
Always keep the instruction and/or use booklets for all your devices (ventilation, hot water tank, heaters, etc.) In the event of a breakdown, the professional will ask you for it.


Every year :Check water drainage holes in windows and patio doors
Clean roof window water drains
Repeat the operation with the air filters
Check closures and oil mechanisms
Powder the seals
Clean the joinery


Every six months: Clean the outside grease trap (if present) and the pozzolan filter located in the all-water pit
Check the flow inlets/outlets of the all-water pit
Check the water distribution manhole to ensure that they are properly distributed, remove deposits if necessary

Every year : In the garden, check the rainwater drainage manholes
Clean the bacterial filter of the all-water septic tank
Make sure there is good drainage in the outlet (if there is one)

Beyond three years: Every four years, empty the sludge from the all-water pit
Every five years, clean and if necessary, clean the pipes
Every four years, renewal of pozzolan stones
Every five years, have the all-water septic tank serviced by a specialized company.


Every year : In the bathroom, check the joints
The various sanitary elements (bathtub, washbasin, shower tray, kitchen sink, etc.)
Clean siphons and aerators


Every year : Have the boiler serviced by a professional
Sweep the chimney flue
Drain the radiators
In autumn, before turning on the heating,

We ask you to consult our various articles on the subject and above all to identify the finish that suits you best!

As we have seen, the finish for which you opt has an impact on its maintenance, so choose it carefully according to your lifestyle and your tastes. Don’t know which one to choose? Do not hesitate to come and meet us, we will be happy to advise you and guide you as best we can.

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