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How to design a small kitchen ?

To make small kitchens both practical, stylish and personalized, it just takes a few tricks. Here we offer perfect ideas for those who are not blessed with a large living space in the form of a kitchen-dining room. Indeed, small does not necessarily mean dull. There are many clever ways to make your kitchen spacious and practical.

Here’s how to design a small kitchen

Improve the kitchen work triangle

You are probably familiar with the kitchen work triangle. What is it and is it still relevant? This concept was developed in the 1940s to help housewives maximize their efficiency by harmoniously placing the most used elements: cooking, preparation and food storage spaces.

This principle basically means that the distance between work areas should not be too close or too far apart. In other words, design your kitchen in such a way that you don’t have to walk too far to go from one counter to another, that you have enough space to make your preparations and that you can follow a free circulation. and functional throughout the room.

To make your small kitchen look light and airy, choose a neutral color palette. However, neutrality is not just about beige or cream. Combine white tile floors and marble countertops with colorful kitchen cabinets for a pleasing layout that will bounce light and make the kitchen look spacious.


For a small kitchen, lighting is essential. Install spotlights on both sides of the room and a neon lamp along the work surface. So you can cook in a bright room.


Opt for kitchen furniture with plain fronts, which you will install up to the ceiling. This way, you won’t run out of storage space, and you can optimize the kitchen.

Distract the eye with bold flooring

The floor of a small kitchen should be covered with a bold coating. Indeed, a strong pattern on the floor distracts the eye and gives the impression of creating a larger room. Your kitchen design should make the most of this small space.

Make small appliances disappear in a breakfast cabinet

To keep surfaces looking clutter-free, store the toaster, kettle and coffee maker in a breakfast cabinet. By opening the cabinet, your favorite device is ready to use. This little trick allows you to use the most cluttered spaces and ensure that none of your family members will get lost in the back of a closet.

The cooking plates

Opt for a two-burner hob to save a few inches on the worktop.

A work surface

It is essential for cooking, but in a small kitchen it is difficult to install. Place it between the sink and the hob to keep a circulation space.


To optimize space in a small kitchen, opt for a 40 or 50 cm wide sink with a drainer.

Ventilation: a priority

If the kitchen is a haven of peace when you smell the subtle aromas of certain spices, it is also the place that takes the most heat during cooking. And its pleasant aromas can turn into bad smells if you don’t have adequate ventilation.

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how to design a small kitchen

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