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How to decorate your garden: our practical advice!

How to decorate your garden: our practical advice!

Do you have the chance to enjoy the outdoors? The sunny days are back and you want to transform your garden into a beautiful and modern place to live?

Are you having problems and don’t know what to do? No inspiration for your garden decoration ? Lots of solutions, including walkways, waterways, shelters, restoration, renovation and more!

So, we invite you to discover decorative ideas that will allow you to develop your garden and enjoy the beautiful outdoor space where you can enjoy the sun and nature.

Create paths in your garden

Here are some tips to help you easily plan your garden. Do it one way.

The garden path is not only a decorative device, but also an outdoor office space. There are several types of ramps. There is also a driveway with car access to the house or the parking lot, as well as a walkway which can be used to walk around the garden or connect the house to the outside.

Therefore, there are many different types and arrangements to create a garden path. The choice of coating depends not only on taste, but also on the main features of the road.

The driveway

A driveway is an aisle where vehicles (cars, vans, etc.) may pass each other. It thus connects the building and the road and facilitates travel.

To create an aisle, it is therefore necessary to provide:

  • Fairly wide space (3m to 4.50m) for easy crossing.
  • A slope of at least 2.5% (into a well or stream) to allow water to flow through the storm.

There are several materials that can be used to make a driveway: gravel, stone, concrete, etc. It is necessary to choose a strong material, which can withstand the weight of a vehicle.

The main pedestrian walkway

Not all people drive to your house. It is therefore necessary to provide a main pedestrian walkway to connect the house to the gate.

Here too the shapes and coatings can be different. You must therefore pay attention to:

  • The width: two people must be able to pass each other easily without getting in the way (about 1.50 m).
  • The slope: a slight slope is necessary to avoid the stagnation of rainwater.
  • The coating chosen: it is important that the surface is not slippery.

Materials to create a driveway

As you can see, there are many materials you can use to build your ramp. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing a piece of equipment, you should find out about your needs, your transportation needs, the local weather, your budget, etc.

Looking for ideas and inspiration? Here are some possibilities for creating a path in your garden:

  • Wood: in slabs, strips or even gratings, wood adapts very well and brings a natural atmosphere to your garden even if it is less resistant than stone.
  • The Japanese steps: for a zen style, the Japanese steps allow you to modulate your path according to your desires.
  • Cobblestones: very practical, cobblestones do not require any joints during installation.
  • Gravel: inexpensive, gravel is a material that adapts to all styles.
  • Pavers: made of concrete, stone or brick, pavers create a clean, straight path.

A source of water for your garden: build a fountain or pond

To enhance your garden and make it more attractive, creating a pond will be the solution. Whether it’s a water feature or water feature, streams will lend a zen vibe to your outdoor space.

To create a pond in your garden, there are several solutions:

  • Preformed hulls.
  • Concrete basins.
  • flexible membranes.

Do you have an outdoor faucet? Why not replace it with a wall fountain?

If you decide to build a water point in your garden, however, you must pay attention to certain points:

  • Check with your municipality if the project is feasible.
  • Avoid creating a water point too close to the house because of the humidity and the wildlife it may attract.
  • Do not choose a location that is too sunny, which can promote the development of algae.
  • Choose a location that can be connected to the electrical network of the house.

Create a garden shed

Having your garden requires maintenance and to maintain outdoor spaces, gardening and DIY tools can become more and more numerous. Running out of storage space? Do you dream of the famous little cabin at the bottom of the garden?

A garden shed can have several roles:

  • A tool shed.
  • A DIY workshop.
  • A kitchen or summer room.
  • A living space in all seasons for more privacy.

No recommendation is to be made for housing in the garden if the floor area is less than 5 m2. From 5 m2 to 20 m2 maximum, you must declare work. Finally, a building permit for 20 m2 is required.

bring light

This simple fact that the garden is located outside does not mean that it should not be lit. When night falls and you want to enjoy a warmer outside temperature, it is important to have good lighting.

Lighting is a real decorative asset for your garden. Garland, luminous ball, lantern: there is no shortage of ideas to bring charm to your outdoor spaces and highlight the facade of your house, your paths or your plants.

Decorate your garden with recycled objects

If you like to redecorate, you can use old materials as an essential part of your garden decoration. For example, you can install an old bicycle and decorate the basket with flowers or install a cart with plants inside.

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how to decorate your garden

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