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How decoration is important ?

The importance of decoration in a space has been highlighted so many times these last decades. The experts insist on home decoration but also decoration within companies as it has been shown that it has a huge impact on the workers. We tried in this article to give you an insight in how decoration is important:

Decoration contributes highly to your well-being: some people consider their homes as safe space where they can freely relax, be fully themselves and just breathe. Their home is not only the place where they can feel themselves and sleep into, it is also a place where they aspire to feel good and re-energize compared to outside world. Companies are also investing more and more in office decoration with green spaces, joyful colors, paintings etc. as they are being more preoccupied by the well-being of their workers. The workplace design has become a real plus in choosing a company. The calling “great place to work” usually includes companies that offer a well decorated and green spaces ;

Decoration participates into your image: having a well decorated home is good for oneself but also for friends and family. People around you enjoy a feels good space and appreciate coming by because they feel good in your environment. For companies, decoration has a real impact on their brand image. Imagine, going into a graphic designer office and you see a neutral random space, it wouldn’t make sense in your mind and maybe decrease your level of confidence in the designer skills ;

Decoration increases the value of a home: usually renewing the decoration of your space helps in rethinking the spaces and chose trendy designs that will enhance the dynamic of your house. In the real estate world, decoration is capital in the business. A house can be sold or not just because of the decoration type. It is an important element that plays a huge role in the negotiation. The price can vary just because of the decoration. A well thought and decorated space won’t be sold at the same price.

Regardless of the interest in decoration, a well decorated place is important for oneself, for others and for business. The impact of a well decorated space can be neglected while more and more studies and experiences are showing the impact of colors, plants, art pieces or space organization on our level of creativity, happiness, stress or mental health in general.

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how decoration is important

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