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How to clean a wooden floor?

A wooden floor gives your interior a lot of warmth. To maintain its beauty, it must be carefully maintained. Waxed parquet, vitrified parquet or solid wood, what are the tips for simple and effective maintenance?

Discover our advice on how to clean vitrified parquet, waxed parquet or solid parquet.

Clean vitrified parquet

The maintenance of vitrified parquet is relatively easy. Vacuum and damp mop once a week to restore its shine. Be careful never to soak your parquet floor and dry it quickly. In case of stain, use a little white vinegar diluted in water, rub gently and dry.

Maintain a waxed floor

No regular maintenance other than vacuuming or a damp microfiber mop is required. Be sure to wax your parquet once a year, taking care not to put too much wax. If you have spilled water on your waxed parquet, absorb the stain and wipe a cloth with a few drops of linseed oil. Let the stain soak in then put white wax with a little linseed oil again.

Clean hardwood floors

This type of flooring is fragile. Clean it with a damp microfiber mop. Once in a while, clean it thoroughly using a brush with black soap. Another trick is to brush with the cooking water from the potatoes.

Renovate your parquet

To remove scratches on sealed parquet, apply a little car polish and rub gently.

If you want to completely renovate your parquet, you must first sand it with a machine dedicated to this purpose. Mix wood dust with wood glue to make a filler. Plug any holes in worm-eaten or damaged wood. Start sanding again then apply the chosen protection. Linseed oil for solid parquet, vitrifier or wax.

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