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How to choose the size of your tiles ?

Mosaic, popular tiles, XXL… Even greater than the fashion, the scale of the tiles subjects loads withinside the preference of the latter. Which layout great fits the size of your rooms? Answers in detail.

Unlike wallpaper, paint, parquet or lighting, tiling is an exceptionally long lasting ornamental answer this is complicated to change. A precise cause to pick out carefully, its fashion, its colour however additionally the layout of its tiles. The latter, even greater than the colour or the material, impacts the overall fashion of your room. Here are a few approaches to pick out the proper layout, piece via way of means of piece, length via way of means of length.


Among the smallest tiles at the market, the mosaic (usually made of tesserae of some centimeters) straight away offers a fashion and a specific aesthetic to the areas.
Be cautious but, deployed on massive surfaces, the latter has a tendency to lessen and weigh down the volumes a little. An affect partially because of the massive wide variety of joints and the multiplicity of tiles. Placed via way of means of contact and as a reminder on small areas (bathe wall, splashback, ornamental frieze) it’s going to but straight away provide a completely unique identification on your rooms.
Note: the mosaic set up can simplest be completed in aligned joints, until making a decision to have a fresco completed!
Ideal for: pretty massive toilets and showers, small and restricted areas in a room.

The small squares

The small squares degree among 10 and 20 centimeters on a side.
Shunned for some time via way of means of the general public in spite of many qualities, they skilled new achievement with the style for cement tiles. A really appropriate preference of colours could make this tile an asset for an unique credenza or maybe small room floors. If you want traditional layouts or need a blended laying covering, for example, with a carpet or border effect, no doubt: you may then need to reckon with small tiles.
Note: the inventiveness of the producers in phrases of substances and colours has breathed new existence into this measurement of tiling.
Ideal for: blended laying and ornamental effects.

Standard tiles

Standard tiles, measuring 20 to 60 centimeters on every side, continue to be the maximum broadly used today.
For rectangular-formed tiles, the laying accomplished with aligned joints have to be faultless with strictly directly lines. The laying of rectangular tiles with move joints, if it have to be accomplished with the equal rigor because the preceding method, lets in for a small margin of error. In the case of square tiles, you may decide both for move joints or for an “L” laying, the rendering of that is pretty rustic, however again, positive colours will provide a shocking result. Aligned joints may be made at the walls. These dimensions are ideal for rooms measuring as much as 40m². They will get dressed your rooms with out overloading them. Take under consideration that this length of tiles makes it feasible to take in moderate imperfections withinside the planimetry of the ground withinside the occasion which you do now no longer desire to redo the cement screed. For a greater cutting-edge and mild appearance, the joints have to be thin.
Ideal for: any sort of room furnished that the set up is properly tailored to the sort of tiles.

XXL tiles

In a resolutely cutting-edge fashion, very massive tiles are getting an increasing number of popular, giving a polished fashion on your rooms. If in the beginning they had been designed to cowl massive or very massive surfaces, massive layout tiles at the moment are being utilized in smaller rooms. No absolute ornamental rule on this area: it’s far pretty feasible that allows you to use them to cowl a room of two hundred or 10m².
Be cautious though: due to the fact their implementation is hard due to their weight. Their thickness is likewise more than that of conventional length tiles. The cuts are simplest greater hard. In addition, because of their massive length, they require tilers to put together the floor extensively. Indeed, planimetry defects can not be corrected at some stage in their set up. Also preserve in thoughts that very massive layout tiles are usually greater luxurious than tiles with greater modest dimensions (attraction fee round 40€/m²) and that their ornamental preference can be greater restricted, the stages of colours being restricted.

Ideal for: cutting-edge interiors, growing a ground unit and enlarging volumes. To be reserved for flat surfaces which can aid a heavy load.

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