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How to choose the color of a hallway?

How to choose the color of a hallway?

The long and narrow hallway is not the easiest place in the house to decorate. However, it should not be overlooked. In fact, the entrance hall marks the arrival in your interior: it must therefore be very welcoming and create a very positive first impression. But what is the color to adopt for an entrance hallway? It depends on the style of decoration chosen for your interior. However, there is a rule to follow when choosing your paint: the color of the hallway must allow you to create a certain continuity with the color of your living room. What is certain is that if there is a place where you can dare to color, it is there.
Choose the color that suits the brightness

A hallway in dark colors needs brightening up. For this, you can opt for a light-colored paint or wallpaper. A white paint or wall paper will make the place brighter. In addition, this choice is very trendy. And if you are afraid of a result that is too cold, it is possible to combine it with slightly warmer shades of white, such as ivory. You may also prefer pastel shades.

If you have a very bright hallway, then you can dare a bold color. As it is a place on which we pass, the bright or strong color is perfect. The combination with a bright white will perfectly highlight the chosen color. A neutral hue like ivory, off-white, beige, cream or light gray will soften it creating a beautiful harmony.

Whatever your desire, do not lose sight of the basics of decoration: combine a maximum of three different colors and do not overload with too imposing shades. In an entrance hall, all shades have their place. Blue, yellow, plum, green, choose your favorite color! If it is well exposed to light, the black color can even give it a very chic look. Make your choice according to your tastes and the styles adopted in the other rooms of your house. Especially if your hallway is directly open to these rooms. Think in this case to decorate it in harmony with them.
If the hallway looks like a long hallway

There are several ways to try to make the impression of length go away. The easiest way is to paint only the back wall in a color that has presence, so that it seems closer and the hallway inevitably narrows in length. In order to attract even more attention, do not hesitate to decorate it with posters, photos, mirrors… If you have several doors, paint them, this visually divides the space and stops the gaze.

On the contrary, if the entrance to your hallway seems too small to you, you will paint a wall on the side and at the back in a rather light color which you will also apply to the doors, the rest will be painted white.

By using two or even three colors, you can also create a graphic effect and thus give movement to the walls of your small entrance. This option allows you to stand out by bringing a creative and original touch to this room. It is important to choose the right shades so that the result is very homogeneous and successful.
Trendy colors for the entrance

We most often find the color white as the dominant color in the entrance. Whether spacious or smaller, this shade is particularly well suited. It brings a lot of luminosity, elegance, refinement, but also serenity. It can then be awakened by all the other colors and this is a significant advantage. White can be pure, but also ivory, off-white or cream. These are shades that lend themselves to all atmospheres by combining colored accessories for example.

The light yellow colors give a lot of pep, energy and warmth to your entrance, the lemon yellow color helps to wake up the days a little gray, it is very fresh and dynamic. It combines perfectly with natural wood furniture and white accessories.

As for blue, associated with white, it is perfect in this room, it has so many shades that you will have no difficulty finding the one that will seduce you. It brings a timeless, chic, soothing and cozy atmosphere to the room.

The green color is also a shade that you can dare in the entrance. Here too, it comes in several shades which allow you to create the atmosphere in which you feel good and a much appreciated little natural side. You can combine it with white and place some green plants to accentuate its soothing effect.

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ow to choose the color of a hallway

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