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How to choose DEL Light ?

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Which LED lights do you use in your living space?

Faced with the environmental crisis, more and more people want to regulate their energy consumption to reduce their impact on the environment. Today, thanks to LED bulbs, it has become quite possible to illuminate a house, shop, store or any other type of building in an environmentally friendly way.

More efficient than energy-saving incandescent, LED or light-emitting diode bulbs, producing instant full-power light without delay.

Today there are many different LED light sources. Trendy and innovative LED lights can create all kinds of atmospheres and illuminate all types of spaces, indoors or outdoors, from the smallest to the largest.

To find quality LED lights at the best prices, trust MonEclairageLED, lighting expert since 1992, to find LED lights according to the style of your home or garden (modern, Scandinavian, industrial, vintage, etc.). ). ).

Before making a choice, it is important to consider certain factors in order to find the model of LED luminaire that best meets your expectations. Here are all the tips and tricks to get the most out of your future LED fixtures.
What criteria should be taken into account when choosing LED lamps? Choosing an LED lamp is not as easy as it seems. First, you need to consider the base type and size of LED light you want to purchase.

Then it is important to consider the beam angle of the LED spotlight, the type of lighting, the units of measurement and the color of the LED light source, depending on your preferences and the mood you want to create.

Let’s take a closer look at the last three criteria to help you choose the LED bulb that best suits your needs.

LED light spread angle

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The scatter angle of an LED light is expressed in degrees and represents a measure of the angle of divergence of the light beam. The intensity of a light beam depends on the degree of its scattering angle.

To give you an idea, here are the different types of spreading angles and their respective uses.

Narrow (between 4° and 19°): perfect for drawing attention to a specific product or object, such as a work of art in an exhibition or a computer in a multimedia store. G53 LED bulbs are often used for such precise lighting.
Medium (24° – 40°): Ideal for obtaining accent lighting (shops, museums, etc.) or accent lighting of specific elements (decorations, architectural details, etc.). Wide (60° – 150°): Ideal for illuminating large spaces such as offices, factories, warehouses and reception areas.
Very wide (between 160° and 360°): perfect for illuminating an entire space, allowing light to be diffused towards walls and floors. For example, the E40 LED light source illuminates an angle of 360°. In addition, E40 bulbs are widely used in street lighting.

Types of LED lighting

Here are three types of lighting.

Environment: Similar to natural light. Useful: Reflects the light projected on the ceiling to illuminate the whole room.
Beacons: Light up a specific area (for example, illuminate a staircase with a small light point in a movie theater.

When we talk about a dimmable LED lamp, it is a classic LED lamp with the particularity of being compatible with an LED dimmer or dimmer.

Type of measurement

To better understand the different characteristics of LED lamps, here is some important information about the three main units of measurement: Lux, Watts and Kelvin.


Lux (lx) is used to determine illuminance. Each surface unit receives a luminous flux measurable in lux.

For example, the human eye is exposed to a luminous flux of 130,000 lx on a very sunny summer day. On the other hand, the human eye can see from 1 lx on a full moon night. A luminous flux of approximately 150 lx is required to read and write correctly.


Watts are used to measure the light output and power consumption of the lamp. However, it is now possible to find two bulbs with the same light output but different consumptions. As a result, power is no longer considered the decisive criterion when purchasing LED lamps.


Kelvin (K) is an international unit of measurement and represents thermodynamic temperature. The color of the LED light depends on the Kelvin number.

The colors given by the Kelvin number are:

very dark red = 1800K;
Cherry red = 2200K;
yellow-orange = 2600K;
Warm white (sunset) = 3200K;
Neutral white (daylight) = 5000K;
Cold white (Aurora) = 6500K;
Azure = 12000K;
navy blue = 16000K;

kind of color

Different white temperatures can be achieved depending on the Kelvin number of the LED lamp.

Warm = 2500-3000K.
Neutral = 4000-4500K
Cold = 5500-6000K.

Which LED tablet name as which representation?

It is now random to frank creation your caecum punctilious to LED fixtures. For an adequate destination, it is valuable to appoint a protractor LED tablet for its use. Here are plenty of tips like naming your LED wall light in the position of the World to be franked.

First of all, know that the E27 LED tablet is the still generally used, sezigue adapts to all kinds of LED luminaires. The E27 tablet screams a cute luminosity, sezigue is up to date grippy and horribly economical. This termination allows households to measure their caloric sclerosis by another 87%.

Which LED reflex reflector as a precise bath?

A candlestick corresponding to the candlestick of the garland is immaterial like a precise of bath (5000 K almost). In position of your tastes and your feelings, you yourself can when agree like a cold earthy. The linolite pipes are brilliant like this use.

Which LED wall lamp like the small desk?

A gloss coat of almost 300 lx will be consumed as postage for your small office. To awaken a tender toilet, some yourself recommend a shade of warm earthy (3000 K). For a representation to lodge like the small desk, the R7s LED bulbs, or pencil lamps, adapt eminently to your small freestanding desk lamps.

What halogen LED tablet as a keyboard?

To ferment between optimal bargains, it is vital to agree as a keyboard LED applique of 150 lx minimum. Much less energy-consuming, G4 12V LED bulbs are an excellent potential as a substitute for the G4 12V halogen bulbs of your keyboard lamps. Thanks to the G4 12V LED tablet, you yourself enjoy an unrivaled range of lighting, creation embodying up to 90% energy savings. Which LED wall light as passage?
The E14 LED tablet is intangible like your bedside lamps. It is the still compact translation of the E27 LED tablet. We yourself recommend E14 bulbs of almost 2500 K, and even 3000 K, against waking up a tender toilet from still pleasant.
Note: For a child passage, it is superior to consent as a cold tablet. To assemble the risk of burning, yourself can consent like a 5W LED tablet for example.

What about professional LED lamps?

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The E40 LED bulb has the ideal power to illuminate large spaces such as factories and large surfaces.

G9 LED bulbs can comfortably illuminate your coworking space and provide good light to help you focus. The G9 light source is also suitable for kitchens.

When replacing recessed spotlights in shops and shop windows, you can choose between G24 LED bulbs or GU10 LED bulbs (perfect for ceilings). As you know, LED lamps have their own uses. All you have to do is determine the required light output for each room in your home or business. Contact us for more information.

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