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How to calculate tiles needed for a floor ?

To find the number of tiles needed to fill the area, just divide the total area by the area of a tile.

Before you start your project, it’s important to have enough tiles on hand to complete your work. If you run out of tiles before you complete, you may find that you are running out of tiles or that the tiles in stock are slightly different.

Remember to include the excess when calculating the need for tiles.

Calculating the needs of tiles is not complicated. All you need is some careful measurements and some simple calculations. If you’re not good at math, you can always use our online calculator.

Measure the length and width, or height and width, of the floor or walls you’re going to tile. Take all measurements in centimeters. Include the depth of the sides of niches for showers. Divide irregular shapes, such as walls that wrap around cabinets or turn corners, into smaller rectangles and measure the length and width of each rectangle.

Calculate the area of each rectangle you measured by multiplying the length and width of the measurement. Sum the areas of all the rectangles to determine the total area that needs to be displayed side by side. This number is square centimeters.
Multiply the length and width of the tile to get its area.

To determine the number of tiles you need, divide the area of ​​tiles in square centimeters by the total area you just calculated.

Include excess in calculation. If you plan to install tiles professionally, add 5%, but if you plan to install them yourself and have no experience, we recommend adding 10%. .. If the area to be tiling is irregularly shaped and multiple angle cuts are required, add 15 percent.

When tiled a wall or floor of a triangle, measure the distance from the top to the bottom of the triangle, then measure the length of the base. Multiply these measurements and divide by 2 to get the area. As a rule of thumb, after work is done, leave a box of tiles for storage in the basement for future use. Extra tiles are coming

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