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How to build your own garden shed yourself?


How to build your own garden shed yourself?

Garden sheds are now more and more common in private homes. Very practical, in fact, these extra square meters allow you to store gardening tools, DIY tools and sometimes even children’s outdoor toys and outdoor sports equipment.

It is essential for many homes. While DIY is in full swing and brings to mind the garden sheds of your childhood, garden sheds are booming.

In addition, making a shelter outside your house gives you the benefit of an extra room and above all, this achievement is not difficult to do. If you have free space in your land, this type of landscaping is most interesting. Discover here the method to build a garden shed by yourself.
The materials for the wall of a garden shed to make yourself.

It is useful to choose the material because it will have an effect on the sturdiness of the construction. Indeed, the garden sheds being outside all year round, it is necessary that they are solid and resistant to rain, wind, sun or frost. Several materials are available: wood, metal, composite or PVC for example.

However, individuals most often choose the construction of a wooden garden shed. This noble and warm construction material is indeed appreciated by individuals. Simple to implement and ecological, it is also very aesthetic and can easily be personalized. Building a wooden garden shed is often the first idea that comes to mind.

To make a wooden garden shed, you should choose certain types of wood that you will need to paint with stain, such as:

The natural pine.
Autoclave the wood to reduce maintenance.

Floor of the garden shed: on the concrete slab, on blocks or on piles.
Hard ground: you must pour a concrete slab before fixing the wooden shelter on it. Its advantage is to allow the construction to be well anchored in the ground and not to move for many years.

Slabs: To accommodate the floor of your garden shed, you can choose to make concrete slabs instead of a complete slab. This is less work than a slab, but it is also much less solid.

A floor on piles: you will have to drive piles into the ground which will act as a slab. It looks like the principle of concrete blocks, but with the pillars.

In any case, it is recommended to build the garden shed on a platform provided for this purpose and not on bare ground.

Otherwise, you may encounter stability problems depending on the composition of the soil. Consequently, it is advisable to pour a light screed which will ensure perfect flatness of the floor.
The choice of roof for the realization of your garden shed

For the construction of your garden shed, it is possible to choose a flat roof or an inclined roof. This choice depends mainly on the climatic conditions of your region. Once this parameter has been determined, you must choose the roofing material for the garden shed. To do this, several materials are available to you, namely:

Steel roofs.
Polycarbonate panels.
The shingle.
More technical roofing materials:
EPDM: rubber membranes.
Tiles as in a traditional construction.

In the case of a kit garden shed, the roof is already present in the elements that make up the kit. Generally, it is a shingle roof which is ideal for making your garden shed waterproof.
The different stages of building a garden shed

When everything is ready, plans and materials, all you have to do is move on to building the garden shed. To perform this operation, you will need tools such as a screwdriver, a jigsaw, a tape measure and enough screws. You will also need gloves and work clothes. Are you ready to build your garden shed? Here are the steps to follow…
Step 1. Prepare the ground: make a concrete slab?

To start the work, you will need to dig the foundation for the construction. Once the foundations are made, you must make the concrete slab. First, you must form the surface to be concreted and place a layer of sand and a layer of aggregate in the hole.

Then, spread the concrete to the desired thickness and make it as smooth as possible. For this, you will mix the concrete, water and sand using a mixer or in the cement mixer and you will pour it on the surface, then you will spread it evenly.

Note: the realization of the slab must be done in a unique way and must dry at least 48 hours.
Also, if the slab is of some importance, it will be necessary to integrate welded mesh into your slab. Indeed, these reinforcements cast in the concrete of the slab contribute to its solidity.

You can also cover the concrete floor with OSB panels for a more decorative look. If you choose a block floor, the approach is a little different:

You will need to level the ground by putting a layer of sand if necessary. Do not forget to put a geotextile film underneath.
Then you have to put the sills that will support the joists. Leave a space of about 20 cm between them. Thresholds are used to support uprights, which should be adjustable to facilitate leveling the floor.
Step 2. Assembly of the structure of the garden shed

To make the garden shed itself, you must start by assembling the wooden frame according to your plans. During this step, you will need to build the walls of your garden shed one by one, respecting the location of the door and any windows.

To begin, cut all your vertical studs to the desired height. When the frame is assembled, you must then place the wooden slats to close the different walls of your garden shed. And above all, take the time to check that the angles are straight so that your garden shed does not become deformed over time.
Step 3. Installing the garden shed roof

The final stage of your garden shed is the installation of the roof. Again, you will start with the frame, so the structure of the roof. Once this is done, put a geotextile film to avoid humidity. Then, you need to cover it with the roofing material of your choice.

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how to build your own garden shed yourself

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