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Flavio Monteiro – 3D Designer

10 Questions & 10 Answers

1. Introduce yourself in a few words…

I am Flavio Monteiro and since 2007 I entered the world of 3D with a desire to express myself as a designer because I loved drawing when I was a kid, then 3D took over from drawing , with always a desire to learn more in 3d software so that my creations are as realistic as possible.

2. Why do you do the job you do now? What routes did you have to take to get there?

I discovered 3d thanks to my brother thanks to open source software. We tried to model a plastic water bottle, without having taken any lessons. We managed after several trials and errors to model this bottle with boolean operations, which made us very happy at the time to have succeeded with a lot of perseverance. After that we went from discovery to discovery until we found a professional software that we still use today, the 3d Studio Max. We learned it as self-taught, with tutorials in English because at that time resources were limited and all the tutorials were in English on the internet, then gradually I improved with work and experience.

3. Do you have any mentors or particular people who have helped you in your job?

Yes as I said, my brother and also friends with whom we exchanged information and tips to succeed in 3d computer graphics.

4. Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration by looking at other 3d artists, photographers and images on image sites like Pinterest.

5. What are your professional projects?

I am currently working as a freelancer and my project is to set up a creative studio with a team to produce 3d imagery and animated films for architecture, design and products. In the future (hopefully near) I also want to share my knowledge and my techniques to help other people create realistic 3d visuals. By the way, if you read this article and want to learn 3d, leave me a comment on my Instagram with content suggestions and I can consider creating it to teach you about the subject. 🙂

6. The main challenges you had to face in your job?

I think the biggest challenge is overcoming laziness in a way and activating yourself to create a portfolio with your own vision of things. Often on creative projects we are constrained by the expectations of the client and his wishes, and we forget to express the artistic side of the job. I find this very important to show what we are capable of doing and to convey as emotion through our visuals.

7. What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into the same job as you?

Never stop studying, being curious, trying to understand how others managed to do this or that job. Also, it is important to ask the right questions and always aim for a higher level of quality.

8. What wouldn’t you do again?

I don’t think I will do a job again as an employee, because according to my experiences, it’s really not for me. I feel too constrained not to have the freedom to express myself artistically as I wish and to have different projects to do on a daily basis.

9. If you had one day left to live, what would you do?

I will visit a heavenly place like Bali or Hawaii and I will spend my day at the beach with my wife of course 🙂

10. You have the last word!

I thank you Bruno for the invitation then I hope to have inspired other people to become 3d graphic designers and also to reach a realistic level in their renderings.
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