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Construo – No.1 Global Construction Network

Presentation of Construo – An innovative, construction-focused professional network.

Construo was founded by Tom Spilsted in 2022.

” We were founded to stop knowledge leaving the construction industry and to help remedy poor knowledge sharing! we’re a startup currently 2 years old and growing rapidly. “

Construo is a web platform, launch in 2021, specifically for the construction industry to facilitate the sharing of practical experience and collaboration. In few words, it is a comprehensive professional platform for the construction industry.

” The goal for 2022 is growing our users and working on new software updates to make the site better for all.”


Construction Specific Platform

With Construo you hit your exact target audience without gettingirrelevant traffic, meaning that you generate a better ROI
  • Fast growing user base
  • Targeted & searchable
  • Easy to navigate
  • Accessible across all devices
See the exact impressions and clicks your ad generates in order to refine your marketing strategies

Measureable Results

  • Real-time, actionable insights
  • Refine your ad campaigns
  • Update live ads anytime
  • Drive website traffic and leads

A Network of Exposure

Posts and ads shared through our social media channels Expand your network and widen your audience
” The difficulties we encounter in the day-to-day management of our business is to make sure we keep content fresh and interesting ! Our goal is to become the go to website for all things construction “
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Construo advert manager

Construo Advertising manager allows you to run ads in the Construo Partner Network. At WallAndFloorCalculator.com, we use Construo advert manager to share our last news. It is very powerful because we talk directly to professionnal into construction industry.

You can do these following setps :

  • Set & manage budgets for yourConstruo advertising campaigns
  • Analyse & review live statisticsto refine your strategies
  • Edit & adjust adverts whilst liveto maximise your results
  • The Construo content networkshares your ad through relevantindustry websites
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construo media pack 5(2) page 14
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