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Clikstore & Menuiserie

Clikstore-Menuiserie is an online sales website, we support you in your projects. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our experts will inform you.

Here: https://www.clikstore-menuiserie.com

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Our different ranges of pergola will allow you to enjoy your terrace even longer throughout the year. Our pergolas provide you with a cosy, shaded space and will enhance the exterior of your home. Our pergolas enlarge your living space, and will adapt perfectly to your desires as well as to the dimensions of your land, your terrace or your facade. Whether you need an island pergola (on four legs) or a facade pergola (pergola fixed against the wall equipped with two posts at the front), our wide range is there to cover all your needs. Our Pergolas are made of aluminium, they provide you with two fundamental advantages, resistance and modernity. Aluminum does not fear rust and requires very little maintenance. We offer canvas or bioclimatic pergolas.


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The blinds add value to your home discreetly. Take advantage of a shady space in your garden or on your terrace when you want to eat with your family, read, relax or do any other activity that requires shade. Define your dimensions in order to install a blind that fits perfectly on your wall. This will make it easier to install your blind. Add the options you like and the colors that will blend perfectly with the style of your home. Manual, radio or wired, select the motorization that suits you and respects your budget.


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Our shutters are made to measure in France following your order. It is essential to order your made-to-measure shutters, standard dimensions do not exist. We offer several ranges of made-to-measure shutters in order to satisfy all requests. All types of installation are available: renovation (quarter round or cut corner), traditional for new construction (traditional alone or in combination with the tunnel box facing brick or facing fiber cement). We provide you with three different types of motorization, the TELCO motorization, SOMFY IO which allows you to set up home automation in your home and the DELTA DORE motorization which is a French brand. DELTA DORE manufactures its motors entirely in France and offers the most complete and sophisticated home automation system on the market. We provide you with adjustable slatted shutters, mosquito net shutters.


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Clikstore & Menuiserie doors have been carefully selected by us. We have chosen PVC for our entrance doors. We have selected our service doors based on criteria of quality, mechanical strength and thermal performance while taking aesthetics into account. Our entrance doors improve insulation performance. The manufacture of made-to-measure doors is an advantage in order to perfectly match the masonry of your home, moreover the choice of all finishes is possible. Our doors will adapt to new construction and renovation to your home thanks to numerous options.


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Garage doors

We offer a range of garage doors that covers all your needs. We offer quality garage doors, roll-up or sectional. Sectional garage doors provide a high insulation coefficient. In addition, we allow you to personalize your garage doors thanks to numerous options: colors, finish, grooves. All our components and materials are of high quality and are manufactured in Europe. You will find the right product for residential and collective use, as well as for new construction or renovation. Our garage doors are equipped with new generation motors that meet current safety standards and are compatible with associated home automation. Here are some of the specifics of our 40mm or 60mm slat or panel garage doors at a low price directly from the factory and delivered to your home with quality packaging and expert carpentry carriers.


wallandfloorcalculator clikstores menuiseries pergola


Our range of tailor-made products is both wide and complete, we offer PVC or aluminum joinery. In addition, we allow you to customize your joinery as desired thanks to a wide choice of colors. All our components and materials are of high quality and are manufactured in Europe. You find the product adapted to your needs, both for new construction and renovation, you have the possibility of installing our windows in applique, in rebate, in renovation as well as in tunnel. The configuration of your future joinery and windows that are equipped with excellent sound insulation is perfection on the market in terms of safety. Here are some of the specificities of our custom-made joinery and design or classic windows at a low price directly from the factory.
Aluminum and steel canopies are also available.


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