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Welcome to the Wall And Floor Calculator blog.

This blog is dedicated first of all to the decoration, to the construction, and to the explanation of terms around the construction and the renovation of dwellings.

We will also share with you news around the world of the house, and real estate more broadly.

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How to treat wood ?

To treat wood, there are several common methods. Here are a few ways to treat wood: Sanding: Sanding the wood surface helps smoothen it and remove...

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Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style

Do you want to put your house in order and adopt a more minimalist lifestyle? Why not try out the Scandinavian way of life? This is a style that is...

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Tile glossary

Tile glossary

Adhesive = material used to glue the tile to the surface. Other common names are thin sets, glues, mud, mastics, mortars, and pastes.Backing =...

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Anatomy of a tile

Anatomy of a tile

Size of a tile tiles can range in size from a small 3/8 inch mosaic to a 24 "x 48" slab tile. Square size (same width and length) is the most...

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