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About Wall And Floor Calculator

WallandFloorCalculator.com basically offers two things. First, calculators oriented towards the building trades in the broad sense and second, a blog highlighting all the people who are in a construction or home renovation project, and building companies.

WallAndFloorCalculator.com offers calculators for you house.

The calculators we offer help people who build, restore and decorate individual dwellings. It can also be very handy for more complex projects. They are very easy to use: just fill in the requested data and the calculator does the rest. For the moment, only the most frequently used calculators have been put online (calculation of the number of tiles, calculation of the number of parquet boards, calculation of the quantity of paint, calculation of the number of rolls of wallpaper, calculation of the number of bricks,…), but little by little we are going to add calculators (users can request them using our dedicated contact form) as well as other functionalities to the existing calculators (calculation of the cost, data export, etc.).

In addition to all these calculators dedicated specifically to construction, our users will be able to find a bank loan calculator.

All these calculators are of course free and will always be free for all users without registration.

WallAndFloorCalculator.com promote companies of construction industry and people in construction projects.

Then, for our blog we decided to offer something different. Indeed, there are already many websites and social media platforms that share advice on decoration and DIY, which is why instead of adding content that has been covered several times elsewhere, we have decided to show the human experiences behind all these projects. We therefore want to highlight all the people who have the project to build, renovate, decorate their home, but also all the building companies which are an essential link in these projects. We really believe that all this feedback can be useful to everyone.

We also want to promote building companies and more broadly all those related to the world of construction, renovation and decoration. It is important for us to highlight talented and serious companies.
WallandFloorCalculator.com has been published in English, but can be translated into all languages automatically.

To help us in this task we use the construo.io platform. We created an article about them on our blog.
Construo is a networking platform that brings together people and companies from the construction industry.
If you want to develop your company and to talk about it in our blog, please contact us !

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